I Wish You Were Mine | Podium Audio

Harbour Village

I Wish You Were Mine

Book 2

By: Jessica Peterson

Released: June 11, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 11 min

A smoking hot standalone romance in the small-town Harbour Village series featuring a single dad, a nanny, and an accidental pregnancy…
I know Tuck Monroe is trouble the second I walk in to interview for the nanny position. Six-four and covered in tattoos, he’s distractingly hot. He’s also grumpy as hell. But I need to pay for school, so I take a job as his daughter’s live-in caretaker and move into the apartment above his garage.
I fall hard for Katie, his adorable four-year-old. But I never expected to fall for my new boss, who’s a decade older than I am. Turns out there’s a heart of gold beneath Tuck’s broody exterior, one I work to reveal bit by bit. Casual small talk leads to late-night conversations I can’t get enough of. It’s no surprise our simmering sexual tension explodes with one deep, toe-curling kiss.
He tells me I’m his good girl; I tell him I love the praise. We give ourselves one night, and one night only, to explore the fiery attraction between us.
It’s the best sex of my life. But when I wake up, Tuck is gone, and life goes back to normal. Or at least I think it does until I start to feel nauseous. Turns out I was right: my boss is trouble. The kind that comes with one night I can’t forget and two pink lines that will change our lives forever.
I Wish You Were Mine is a standalone romance in the interconnected Harbour Village Series.



Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson writes romance with heat, humor, and heart. Heroes with hot accents are her specialty. When she’s not writing, she can be found bellying up to a bar in the south’s best restaurants with her husband Ben, reading books with her adorable daughters Gracie and Madeline, or snuggling up with her 70-pound lap dog, Martha. A Carolina girl at heart, she fantasizes about splitting her time between Charleston and Asheville, but currently lives in Charlotte, NC.