I'm On Whatever You On | Podium Audio

I’m On Whatever You On

By: A.C. Taylor

Released: June 11, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 7 min

He’s her client. She’s his weakness. One request, and he’ll give her anything she desires.
For Simone, the only thing she cares about is looking out for the people she loves, maintaining a great reputation as a massage therapist, and building a family with the only man she’s ever been with. When she overhears her longtime boyfriend talking about wanting a hall pass, she’s furious, and what starts as a one-sided request soon becomes the opportunity she never knew she needed.
Legend is all about his music and making an even bigger name for himself as a solo artist. After announcing his plans to leave the music group that he’s been a part of since he was a teenager, he becomes a target for someone desperate to see his downfall. Determined to maintain his peace, Legend turns to the person who can help alleviate his stress. Not only is Simone his massage therapist, but also his friend and the one woman he wants but can’t have. That is… until she accidentally mentions her boyfriend wanting a one-time fling with someone else.
See what happens when Simone makes Legend an offer he can’t refuse. Rules will be set, and every one of them will be broken. When all is said and done, will their steamy encounter force Simone to become just as weak for Legend as he is for her? Or will their actions serve them with consequences that make it impossible for them to be anything more than what they’ve always been?



A.C. Taylor

A.C. Taylor is a romance author from Little Rock, AR. At a young age her imagination took her on a journey that would forever spark her love for writing. In 2015, she was given the opportunity to pursue her dreams and since that moment, she hasn't looked back. She's currently the author of more than twenty-two titles and continuously working on more. With the goal to entertain her readers, she creates friends to lovers stories that are full of undeniable chemistry, humor, and twists that you’ll never see coming.