Immortal Kings | Podium Audio

The World Over

Immortal Kings

Book 2

By: Marc Mulero

Performed by: Heath Miller

Released: December 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 7 min

Aegis will withstand a fire-breathing beast or a dreadful king hell-bent on enslaving the world, even if it kills him.
On a quest to gather allies against an impending invasion brought forth by the Warlord Trinket, Aegis is turned away time and time again due to his low level. His Transcendent status does little to impress top-ranking guilds who think him hysterical and mad, and does less to stop his enemies, the Roaring Bandits, from trampling through the land.
At his wit’s end, there is no choice but to take a giant risk and heed a challenge from a strange Castle-Watcher that will test the limits far beyond his level.
The path is plagued with seeds of his past from his home world, where he learns some of his guild-mates may not be who they seem.
Though his bonds will be tested, his love for family threatened, Aegis refuses to lose himself. He will stop at nothing until he acquires items legendary enough to stand up to the Roaring Bandits, and prevent the overtaking of Strathmar.
Will the might of Aegis’ guild be enough to save their home, or will they perish only to wake up in eternal bondage?



Marc Mulero



Heath Miller