Impromptu Match | Podium Audio

Goliaths of Wrestling

Impromptu Match

Book 1

By: Lily Mayne

Performed by: Michael Ferraiuolo

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 52 min

I, Taylor Hough, am a painfully average guy.
I have a soul-destroying corporate job, I iron my underpants, and I was unceremoniously dumped for an influencer hippie a few years ago. Every day feels the same, and I don’t know how much longer I can cope before I do something unhinged like rip off my shirt in the middle of my co-worker’s office birthday party and smear lemon cake all over my chest.
Then, a case of mistaken identity suddenly lands me in the middle of a covert professional wrestling league, which is apparently being run in the basement of my office building. Weird. Even weirder are the wrestlers. They seem… otherworldly. So does the rest of the staff. And the audience. Pretty much everyone except boring old me.
And then there’s the owner, Holt Hector, with whom I have an extremely embarrassing first encounter. He’s ridiculously attractive, even in the inhuman cosplay get-up he’s wearing that only makes him hotter if I’m being totally honest.
Then, I discover it’s not a costume. And that the show put on by Goliaths of Wrestling every night is a more monstrous reality than mindblowing special effects.
My previously boring life is suddenly no longer quite so average, and hot-as-hell Holt is inexplicably as interested in me and my ironed underpants as I am in him and his strange new world.



Lily Mayne



Michael Ferraiuolo

Michael is a professional audiobook narrator/producer with over 250 credits. 2019 Independent Audiobook Award Nominee. 2020 Goodreads Favorite Narrator of the Year. Composer of original music for film and tv with national and international credits including placement on PBS, NBC, and multiple streaming services. It is his goal to provide honest, professional, and practical services to writers, producers, and artists. With top tier recording capabilities and years of practical experience it is his hope to help you bring your projects to their fullest potential.