Incarnate | Podium Audio


By: Richard Thomas

Released: September 10, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 55 min

In a frozen tundra, a sin-eater fights for redemption and absolution as monstrous creatures ravage a community already struggling to survive.
Sebastian Pana is a sin-eater, a shaman-like figure who can absolve the dead of their transgressions before they move on to the afterlife. But when a tear in the fabric of reality allows hideous beasts to invade the small arctic town he calls home, Sebastian must wage battle with them the only way he knows how: by unleashing the power of sin itself.
Thus, the stage is set for an epic confrontation between the forces of good and evil, in which a mother monster strives to save the dying land around her—and a young Inuit boy, haunted by Sebastian’s fate, risks everything to forge a new way forward for the desperate vestiges of humanity. As an obliterating darkness descends from the frozen mountains, this profoundly redemptive tale will build toward a climactic showdown in which nature and the supernatural collide with the eternal quest for healing and forgiveness.
From an author who has been compared to Lovecraft, Bradbury, and Gaiman, _Incarnate _is a masterpiece of contemporary arctic horror—a dark, unsettling story told in a maximalist voice inflected with powerful notes of hope and grace.



Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas is the award-winning author of nine books. These include the novels Incarnate, Disintegration, Breaker, and Transubstantiate; the collections Spontaneous Human Combustion, Tribulations, Staring into the Abyss, and Herniated Roots; and a novella, collected in The Soul Standard. Thomas has been nominated for Bram Stoker, Shirley Jackson, ITW Thriller, and Audie awards. He has more than 175 stories in print.