Lightning Dragon | Podium Audio

The Bride Hunt

Lightning Dragon

Book 4

By: Charlene Hartnady

Performed by: Stella Bloom, Troy Duran

Released: October 25, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 34 min

The last thing Tamara expected was to be snatched away by a winged beast.
This hadn’t been part of the brief. Was this normal hunt behavior?
Surely not.
She had a really bad feeling about this. Once the feeling settled in the pit of her stomach, it wouldn’t let go.

Lightning Dragon can be listened to as a standalone, but would be best enjoyed as book four of The Bride Hunt series.



Charlene Hartnady



Stella Bloom



Troy Duran

Troy was made for loving you, baby. But his wife frowns on that, so he sticks to audiobooks, of which he’s recorded over 360 to date. You may have gathered by now that Troy is writing his own bio in third person. Why? Ego, maybe. Compensating, I don’t know. It IS a bit annoying if we’re being honest, but what are you gonna do? Anywhoo… If somebody were to narrate MY life’s story, I’d like it to be the guy from Forensics Files but with what I leave behind we’d have to settle for the guy who played the bait shop cashier in Ozark, and that’s cool too. Also, I like whiskey.