Lynn's Search | Podium Audio

The Evans Family Saga

Lynn’s Search

Book 4

By: C.J. Petit

Performed by: Jim Meskimen

Released: October 19, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 13 hr, 43 min

Lynn glared at Ryan Mitchell and wanted to smack his smug face.
Even though Ryan meant to insult him, Lynn knew that there was a very good chance that what he said was right. He’d suspected for years now that Dylan Evans wasn’t his real father. It didn’t take a math wizard to figure out that he’d been born nine months after his mother had been rescued from Fort Benton.
But what pushed Ryan to finally ask his parents if it was true was when Ryan had laughed and said that Lynn was probably more like his real father, the monstrous Burke Riddell, than his hero, the man who raised him. He left the small house to ask that painful question, and if he was told that it was true, he knew that he’d have to leave the Double EE ranch and the only family he’d ever known.



C.J. Petit

I started writing when I was almost 67 because I was bored. I didn't intend to even publish my books because they were just to keep my mind busy. My daughter insisted I put them online but didn't beleive that anyone would read them. After finishing my 72nd book in four years and having sold over a million, I guess she was smarter than her old father.



Jim Meskimen