Metaworld Chronicles: Vol. 5 | Podium Audio

Metaworld Chronicles

Metaworld Chronicles: Vol. 5

Book 5

By: David J Wuto

Performed by: Siho Ellsmore

Released: September 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 21 hr, 54 min

An opportunity arrives.
Following Gwen’s rediscovery of her family, she must find her Mage Path in the magical city of Shanghai, battling pressure from relatives, expectations from instructors, and her struggles with the Void. At Fudan University, she must ensure that she does not lose her wits, all the while finding a path to power that will not alienate her from the family she acquired in her second life.
Continue your adventures with Gwen as she and her dearest Uncle Jun ponder the possibilities of poaching for Draconic fortunes deep in the heart of the Huangshan Mountains, where the Yinglong, an old, ancient Dragon, slumbers…



David J Wuto

I am a long-time pen and paper Dungeon Master and narrator with far too much plot hooks and not enough time to play the game.



Siho Ellsmore