Milo | Podium Audio

Berkeley Bred


Book 2

By: Grey Huffington

Released: April 23, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 25 min

I’ma spin and spin and spin and spin again.
Gutted, I was the day you left my side, but I understood it was no one’s fault but mine. I pushed you away, wearing my pain on my sleeve while pursuing a passion that stemmed from that very pain. In the end, you decided to choose yourself, and I could never fault you for that. But it hurt and still does ’til this day.
Anticipation. It kept me waiting for the day you’d walk back into my life. I padlocked my heart to keep everyone out until that day came because there was something in me that convinced me that life wasn’t cruel enough to keep us apart. I kept the faith that you’d return.
Dazed, I considered myself the day that you did, knowing there was no way I would let you go again. In any capacity, I needed you in my world, so even with stipulations, I agreed. It didn’t matter how much or how little; I just needed you there.
Crushed, I am, knowing that we’ve grown to be different people with different views on life, and we’re no longer aligned. But, baby, I’ma spin and spin again until we are. Because there’s no nigga in the world who deserves to love you more than I do.



Grey Huffington