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Mistrunner 3

Book 3

By: Nicholas Searcy

Performed by: Soneela Nankani

Released: August 27, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Driven by fury, wracked with guilt, a young woman’s war to free Earth from aliens has devastating consequences, in this action-packed dystopian adventure.
Humanity’s days are numbered. Earth is on a collision course with the one-hundredth anniversary of first contact with the invasive species that unleashed the Mist into its atmosphere. Spreading like a virus, these nanites altered the very air and soil of the planet, poisoning the land and mutating the animals. People evolved beyond their biology into superhuman beings, while scientific advancements in technology and weaponry shifted the hierarchies of the world’s most powerful nations. While armies battle to create a new order, the aliens are left free to leech Earth’s natural resources.
Standing between human greed and alien invasion is Mira Braddock. Augmented with a Tier 7 Nexus Implant, she’s a cybernetic warrior capable of harnessing the Mist for her own ends. But she used her immeasurable abilities to destroy the megacity of Nova, killing millions of innocent people in selfish pursuit of vengeance. Three years later, she remains traumatized, with only the love of cybernetic engineer Patrick Ward to prevent her from sliding into an unrelenting mire of guilt and grief.
Now, events have escalated as warring alien factions continue to prey on humankind. The E’rok Tan have bred people as livestock. The collective known as the Pacificians indoctrinate humans to join their hive. And the Gomari Confederation, strip-mining Earth of its value, threaten to annihilate anything left alive. But no one is prepared for Mira. Fearless and merciless, she possesses enough power and willingness to exterminate entire populations of enemies . . .
The third volume of the hit sci-fi LitRPG series—with more than 500,000 views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible! 



Nicholas Searcy

Nicholas Searcy is the author of Death: Genesis, a fantasy series originally released on Royal Road. He enjoys writing, reading, spending time with family, sports, and, of course, a good cup of coffee.



Soneela Nankani

Having been raised by immigrant parents and grown up traveling all over the world (spending the most time in India, Ghana, Brazil and Morocco), Soneela has developed a deep multicultural appreciation, a love of storytelling and a facility with languages and dialects. Paired with her MFA in Acting, this has led to over 300 titles across many genres (including Young Adult, Romance, Sci-Fi and Fantasy), 18 Earphone awards, multiple Audie nominations and a Golden Voice Lifetime Achievement Award from AudioFile magazine over her 13-year voiceover career. When not in the booth, you can find Soneela playing card games with her kids, trying out new recipes, or attempting to solve today’s Wordle.