Moments of Mayhem | Podium Audio

The Hunters

Moments of Mayhem

Book 3

By: T.L. Smith

Released: April 16, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 9 min

We met for the first time in high school. As adults, we married. But it was all fake.
The wedding, us, what he did for a job. None of it was real.
Except it was.
They say he’s nothing but Mayhem, yet when he’s with me, he’s my salvation, everything I need and more. The problem is… he has a fascination for blood.
I can’t handle it—in more ways than one. He has a fascination for me. I hate it, even though I can’t stop thinking about him, either.
Some people should not be together, and that’s us; we could never work.
But letting go is impossible when my serial killer of a husband is determined to prove me wrong.
Moments of Mayhem can be listened to as a complete standalone or as book three in The Hunters series.



T.L. Smith