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Mongol Moon

Mongol Moon

Book 1

By: Mark Sibley

Performed by: Terry Schappert

Released: February 20, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 40 min

World War III began years ago, and the American government doesn’t even know it.
For years, while Iran and North Korea kept Western diplomats busy, China and Russia have been quietly seeding the US with spies and soldiers. Now, a silent army of occupation lurks inside US borders, and for America, it is already too late.
When the assault begins—via an EMP strike that disables the US electrical grid and neutralizes her defenses all in one fell swoop—the US is caught completely unprepared. The nation is lost, and it is up to ordinary citizens to defend their cities, towns, neighborhoods, or even just their families.
The Washingtons are no ordinary family. Gale Washington is an analyst at the Operations Center for Joint Intelligence Command. His wife, Joey, is a Navy commander aboard the International Space Station.
Or they were. Now, like their neighbors in their Northern Virginia suburb, they’re just two people trying to survive. And maybe… find a way to strike back.
Mongol Moon is Mark Sibley’s acclaimed debut novel about the individual impact of a global war for survival that looks increasingly plausible with each passing day.



Mark Sibley



Terry Schappert