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Morbidly Yours Series

Morbidly Yours

Book 1

By: Ivy Fairbanks

Released: August 20, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Falling for the wrong person? Bury your feelings.
Callum Flannelly would rather dive into an open grave than take a stranger to dinner. But he can only inherit the family undertaking business under one condition: He must marry before his 35th birthday. So it’s out of the mortuary and into the dating scene. 
Lark Thompson came to Galway, Ireland to embrace life, not be reminded of losing her husband by moving in next to a funeral home. Then, the vivacious Texan animator learns of painfully shy Callum’s dilemma and makes it her mission to help him find The One. 
Although she’s sworn off love herself, she’s certain Callum will find his match. But as the dating project progresses and their friendship grows, their attraction is undeniable. Spending time with serious, sarcastic Callum starts to crack the ice around Lark’s heart, and the more color Lark brings to Callum’s monochrome existence, the less he can imagine life without her.
If they think they can ignore their connection, they’re dead wrong.
TikTok sensation Morbidly Yours is an opposites-attract romantic dramedy about a shy, demisexual Irish mortician who must marry by his thirty-fifth birthday to keep his beloved family business, and the Texan widow escaping her past who moves in next door.



Ivy Fairbanks

Ivy Fairbanks is a shameless consumer of rom-com books, hazelnut coffee, and Hozier music. Not necessarily in that order. Living with chronic pain has made her a believer in the power of fictional escapism and happy endings. She lives in Clearwater, Florida with her husband and son. At any given moment, she is probably trapped under a sleeping tabby cat.