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Mortality Bites

Mortality Bites: Publisher’s Pack 1

Book 2

By: Ramy Vance

Performed by: Candace Thaxton

Released: May 28, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 9 min

Mortality Bites: Publisher’s Pack contains books 1 and 2 of the Mortality Bites series.
Mortality Bites, Book 1:
Mythical creatures are real, and the world is just finding out. Discovering that your neighbor was once an evil, blood-sucking fiend tends to bring property values down.
Katrina Darling’s only real friend has been murdered. And not just murdered – ritually sacrificed by a serial killer. Kat is sure more death will follow. She should know…she used to be the monster plunging the blade in. Trouble is, after 300 years of being a vampire, Kat has forgotten what it means to be human. One thing she does remember is that friends matter. Now she’s determined to find whoever – or whatever – killed her friend before more victims surface. But just as the hunt begins, a mysterious young man discovers exactly what she was. Kat has a decision to make: run and keep her monstrous past hidden, or avenge her friend and save the city from a merciless serial killer.
Family Matters, Book 2:
Family matters…but so does breathing.
All I want is to be a normal college student, doing normal human stuff…you know – date the resident hunk, study, date some more. But when you’re once undead mother pops in for a surprise visit, well, that’s anything but normal. I think it’s best to make good ol’ mom’s visit as short as possible. But when a deranged stalker from our past, hell-bent on making my mother suffer, interrupts our little dysfunctional family reunion, I’m forced into a perilous fight that could very well get me, my boyfriend, and everyone I know killed. I’m Katrina Darling, a 300-year-old ex-vampire who apparently still has mommy issues.
If you like the Dresden FilesMercy Thompson, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you’ll be helplessly addicted to the Mortality Bites series!



Ramy Vance



Candace Thaxton