Murder, I Spy | Podium Audio

Dora and Rex 1920s Mysteries

Murder, I Spy

Book 1

By: Lynn Morrison

Performed by: Pearl Hewitt

Released: November 14, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 50 min

When a bright young man teams up with a glamorous femme fatale, the identity of a murderer won’t be the only secret they’ll unmask.
London, 1922. Between gallivanting in his Rolls-Royce and darkening the doorways of London’s hotspots, Lord Reginald “Rex” Bankes-Fernsby has almost succeeded in banishing the battlefield nightmares that plague his sleep. Pity he can’t say the same about that nagging lack of direction in his life.
If only he were like his best friend Freddie—self-assured, suave, and up to his ears in secrets. But when Freddie is murdered, Rex doubts the verdict. Was Freddie really cut down while up to no good, or was he killed in the line of duty?
Rex turns to the only person in London capable of helping him find out—Theodora Laurent, London’s most notorious femme fatale and Freddie’s last known lover. Theodora has a hundred reasons to let sleeping cats lie, but those disappear into the aether when Rex shows up on her doorstep and someone takes a shot at her head. Together, they’re catapulted into a race for their lives, where identifying the murderer is their only hope for survival.
There’s just one problem: Freddie wasn’t the only one keeping secrets. If Theodora isn’t careful, Rex’s search for the truth could send her cunningly constructed empire falling like dominos.
Murder, I Spy is the first book in this exciting 1920s historical mystery series. Includes bonus novella Murder at the Front.



Lynn Morrison

Lynn Morrison lives in Oxford, England along with her husband, two daughters and two cats. Born and raised in Mississippi, her wanderlust attitude has led her to live in California, Italy, France, the UK, and the Netherlands. Despite having rubbed shoulders with presidential candidates and members of parliament, night-clubbed in Geneva and Prague, explored Japanese temples, and scrambled through Roman ruins, Lynn’s real life adventures can’t compete with the stories in her mind.



Pearl Hewitt