No Deal | Podium Audio

By: J.D. Allen

Performed by: A.T. Chandler

Released: February 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 07 hr, 2 min

They thought kidnapping the girl would be easy, but her bodyguard will make their lives very difficult…
Working security for a wealthy Indian businessman sounds like easy money to PI Jim Bean. He’s charged with watching the man’s teenage daughter, the stubborn and spirited Zevah Ralen. His task is simple: keep the girl out of trouble during her father’s business trip to Las Vegas.
But trouble strikes as soon as the assignment starts, when a group of kidnappers ambush Zevah outside the mall. Jim barely has time to handcuff himself to her before they’re both knocked out and transported to the kidnappers’ remote cottage hideout.
With no weapons, no backup plan, and nobody coming to save them, Jim knows he can only rely on himself—especially when he learns Zevah’s father has no intention of paying the ransom, afraid the money would encourage the kidnappers to go after his other children.
Now, Jim must escape the cottage, find his way out of the wilderness, and rescue the girl he promised to protect…but as usual with Jim Bean, that is actually just the beginning of the danger and surprises that await him.



J.D. Allen

J.D. Allen earned a degree in physical anthropology and a creative writing minor from The Ohio State University. Her mystery books include the Sin City Investigation Series, 19 Souls, and Skin Game, and she has short stories included in several anthologies. In the romance world, JD also published 11 books and novellas. She's a past chair of the Bouchercon Convention National board and past president of the Triangle Chapter of Sisters in Crime.



A.T. Chandler