No Such King | Podium Audio

Bloody Royals

No Such King

Book 1

By: CoraLee June

Released: May 16, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 5 min

A puppet, a prince, and a playboy. One arranged marriage. Three men I must keep at arm’s length.
Atticus Dupont has been watching me from a distance, controlling my life like he controls the seedy criminal underground. He longs to own my mind, body, and soul.
Leo Winthrop is willing to do whatever it takes to protect me from the horrors of this castle, even if it means being cruel and pushing me away.
And Prince Augustus? He’s a reluctant royal that would rather sleep his way through court than be forced into an arranged marriage with me.
I fled the kingdom four years ago, planning never to return. But now the king is dead, and the kingdom is in chaos. My duty makes it impossible to walk away.
One thing I know for sure: I have to open my cracked heart because this crown is too heavy for one lover to bear.



CoraLee June