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Nodus Tollens Duet

Nodus Tollens

Book 1

By: Remi Rose

Released: June 11, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 16 hr, 43 min

Our lives were like a story, predestined for us by the hands of some writer we didn’t know.
We were given a beginning and end, and some of us endured a climax like a roller coaster that shook and jerked us around, testing us in the process.
In my story, I thought I knew what to expect. That was until a hot-shot hockey player with sweet words and an even kinder soul changed my course. It took everything in me not to fall for him, but unwanted emotions were developing, and warmth I swore I’d never expose myself to began to wreak havoc on my already failing heart.
A bond was created. One that changed the trajectory of everything. I just wished we would have had more time…
Nodus Tollens is book one in a duet. While book two will end in an HEA, book one will not.



Remi Rose

Remi Rose lives in Missouri with her husband, two crazy kids and lazy dog. When she's not writing, she's either watching a serial killer documentary or eating way too much chocolate.