Nova Terra: Liberator | Podium Audio

The Titan Series

Nova Terra: Liberator

Book 5

By: Seth Ring

Performed by: Eric Jason Martin

Released: July 20, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 3 min

Despite all the advantages that came with being a Titan, for Thorn, it has come with equally Titan-sized problems.

Thorn has freed himself from an ancient curse and cleared up the political turmoil in the capital, but the looming threat to Northern Angoril posed by the Orc invasion of Rasyn carries him back to the Elven island. But not before he deals with a cultist infestation in his own home.

Beset by enemies on all sides, Thorn must choose between keeping himself safe or throwing himself into the jaws of danger to honor the commitments he has made to his friends and allies. When he faces foes he cannot overpower with brute strength, it will take all of his wisdom and fortitude to keep him and his allies alive.



Seth Ring

Author of the Titan Series, Seth is seriously addicted to writing science fiction and fantasy. His passion for telling stories and building worlds are second only to his love of sharing stories and worlds with other people. Seth Ring currently lives with his wife, kids, and dog in the United States of America.



Eric Jason Martin