Oath Keeper | Podium Audio

Death Smith

Oath Keeper

Book 3

Performed by: Tim Campbell

Released: June 25, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 8 min

Wielding uncanny mana, a young man has revived the dead—and forged them into a supernatural army on a singular mission of vengeance.
Ever since the first Rift appeared more than a dozen years ago, humanity has fought for its very existence. Destructive forces of alien nature, Rifts erupt as black spheres, encircling communities and transferring people to unearthly realms, where monstrous entities feed on them like cattle. Some humans, however, have found white crystal shards implanted in their chests, granting them physical and magical powers that help them survive the Rifts. Known as Rifters, they use their superhuman abilities to protect and defend Earth even as corporations mine the alien portals for their otherworldly—and immensely profitable—resources.
Rifter Lance Turner took great risks on expeditions, pushing his luck and his limits in combat against horrific creatures in one trial by fire after another. Then, left for dead on a mission with his mortally wounded best friend, Lance’s grief unleashed a rare and disturbing mana that enables him to reforge and control the dead. He is a Death Smith, and his power has been growing exponentially. With every recruit he revives from fallen human and animal corpses, he is building a platoon of nearly indestructible soldiers, loyally bound to his will.
Despite the continuing alien incursion threatening Earth, Lance only wants revenge against the Rifters who betrayed him. He no longer questions the morality of using the dead as weapons against the things that live in the Rift—as long as it increases his power. But his reforged soldiers are evolving, thinking for themselves, and now some are mutating beyond human understanding . . .  
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Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell is the Audie, Voice Arts, Independent Audiobook, and Audiofile Earphones Award-winning narrator of over 650 audiobooks. He sings regularly with the Los Angeles Master Chorale, where he has been a part of multiple Grammy Award winning recordings, at LA Opera, and on film and television soundtracks such as Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Creed 2, Venom and many others.