On the Run | Podium Audio

On the Run

By: Charae Lewis

Released: May 18, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 35 min

In Kanai’s eyes, love was supposed to be simple.
Quay mirrored the same sentiments, and once they revealed their true feelings for each other, they began to embark on a journey together. Suddenly, something they can’t quite comprehend happens leaving them lost, confused, and most of all saddened by their new reality. Words aren’t spoken, vacancies began to settle in, and resentment occurs, which causes the couple to live with unanswered concerns for years to come. 
Can Kanai and Quay push through the events that rocked their world…or will their love be lost forever?



Charae Lewis

Charae Lewis was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During her childhood, she was never an avid reader. It wasn't until high school, when Charae discovered the genre of urban fiction. She found herself making numerous trips to the library a week, so that she could become lost in an urban tale. Reading had quickly become one of her favorite hobbies. Charae loves writing because it simply takes her to another world where she can design the rules. She also writes for the benefit of young people going through the same types of situations that she pens. Ready to take the literary industry by storm, Charae is currently working on her next novel, and one day she aims to grace the NY Times Best Seller List.