Phantom Deadfall | Podium Audio

Ruins of the Earth

Phantom Deadfall

Book 3

By: Christopher Hopper, J.N. Chaney

Performed by: R.C. Bray

Released: July 26, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 9 min

Wic and Phantom Team race against time in Phantom Deadfall, Christopher Hopper and J.N. Chaney’s next edition in the runaway hit Ruins of the Earth series. For fans of Galaxy’s Edge, Expeditionary Force, and District 9—the fate of the world waits for you.

The gods have been angered. Hell will rain down.

After Wic and the Phantom’s successful operation on Karkin Four, the team learns of the enemy’s plans for a swift retaliation: an all-out assault on New York City.

Together, Wic must rally the team’s resources to plan an emergency counter-assault that will push the Phantoms to their limits. With help from unexpected places, mission success seems all but assured.

But when a new terrifying technology emerges, Wic must face the most challenging choice of all: sacrifice his teammates for the fate of Earth.

Allegiances will be tested, friendships will fray, and the planet will march toward the greatest darkness it has ever encountered.



Christopher Hopper

Christopher Hopper is an American novelist, creator and co-author of the best-selling mil-scifi series Ruins of the Galaxy with J.N. Chaney. His other series include Resonant Sun, The Sky Riders, The White Lion Chronicles, and The Berinfell Prophecies. Christopher lives with his wife and four children in the 1000 Islands of northern New York. He loves flying FPV race wings and RC planes, performing music with his wife, and traveling to distant lands--physical and fictional.



J.N. Chaney

J. N. Chaney is a USA Today Bestselling author and has a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. He fancies himself quite the Super Mario Bros. fan. He migrates often, but was last seen in Las Vegas, NV. Any sightings should be reported, as they are rare.



R.C. Bray

From Outer Space to the Old West to a Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape, R.C. Bray is an expert guide. He is also a narrator. Bray switches settings and characters as seamlessly as a maturated Humphead Wrasse switches sex and color. No matter the genre, whether it be a story about human kindness and barbarism; a combat veteran’s struggle to cope with life at home; or saving the world armed with only a juice box and a snarky beer can, Bray utilizes his extraordinary range and unique vocal differentiation for each character to confuse publishers into thinking his consistent inability to meet a deadline is not only a good thing, but their idea in the first place. With over one audiobooks narrated, R.C. is the recipient of many industry accolades including the coveted Audie Award for his narration of one of the bestselling audiobooks in history which is no longer available because… money. R.C.’s gorgeous wife, Hope, along with their three beautiful children, Joy, Bliss, and Valor, allow him to continue living with them provided the checks keep coming.