Pirates of Saturn | Podium Audio

Bastion Saturn

Pirates of Saturn

Book 2

By: C. Chase Harwood

Performed by: Paul Michael Garcia

Released: September 10, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 32 min

In this swashbuckling sequel to Bastion Saturn, once again our motley crew faces sentient robots, a malevolent AI, and this time, pirates.
The ringed planet and its moons remain the Wild West as the crew delves into the meaning of what makes us human, what is freedom anyway, and exploring these truths – space is hard, relationships are complicated, shit happens, and just as art is subjective, evil is often defined by the eye of the beholder. 
Pirates remains a romp. Enjoy the romp.



C. Chase Harwood

C. Chase Harwood made a career in Hollywood, decorating sets for film and television before turning his passion for storytelling into clicks on a keyboard. While scaling the walls of the screenwriting world, he chose to experiment with prose and found a fondness for Scifi-action-adventure. Within that framework, he gets to explore the countless ways that humans interact while under duress. "Life is all the more lived when the consequences are high. When told as a tale it can be quite a page-turner," says Harwood. He lives in Los Angeles with his costume designer wife and young boy girl twins.



Paul Michael Garcia