Pleasing Mr. Parker | Podium Audio

The Men

Pleasing Mr. Parker

Book 5

By: Elle Nicoll

Performed by: Alastair Haynesbridge, Quinn Riley

Released: December 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 15 hr, 3 min

“You are mine, Sweetheart. You were always going to be mine.”
They say, don’t mix business with pleasure. I bet they never had to work with Griffin Parker.
He headhunts me to manage the spa in his iconic New York hotel, the Songbird. It’s a dream opportunity, but he’s a nightmare in a designer suit.
We clash spectacularly when he refuses to give up control. He doesn’t trust me. I don’t like him. Until one day, we manage to work together, and an idea grows wings.
And the things he says… Oh God.
I’ve spent my life fighting back against the repercussions of pleasing other people. Yet, I find myself doing exactly that. Because when Mr. Parker is pleased with you, the rest of the world drifts away.
He tells me I belong to him. But he doesn’t tell me if I will survive him. No one can tell me that. He didn’t get to be one of the most powerful businessmen in New York easily. He has enemies.
I’m flying straight into a storm—and I don’t even want to stop myself.
Pleasing Mr. Parker features a billionaire alpha bosshole, beautiful New York City, glamor, money, diamonds, a filthy-talking hero, praise, secrets and lies, tropical getaways, friendships, groveling, pigeons, and a happily ever after because love always wins.



Elle Nicoll

ABOUT ME I’m a mum of two from the UK, and I worked for many years as long haul cabin crew for an airline.   Each story I'm currently writing (and the future ones to come) have had my soul poured into them.  ​  Just like we are all different, my characters will be too.   I hope they will feel real. Flawed, insecure, broken maybe. But also warm, considerate and loyal. Any elements that you think of when you consider the people you know.   Because no one is perfect   One thing every book will have though—love. However they get there, whatever the journey to it looks like, there will always be love.   That I promise.   Because... Love Always Wins xxx



Alastair Haynesbridge

Originally from Seattle, Alastair Haynesbridge studied theatre and performing arts in London before finally settling in Atlanta, GA. He is an award-winning romance narrator and voiceover artist and has narrated dozens of your favorite, steamy titles. His voice can also be heard in lots of unexpected places, like that corporate training video, on hold, or even at the airport, helpfully giving you directions!



Quinn Riley

Quinn Riley (aka Jeremy Carlisle Parker) is an actor and singer working in NYC. She started her career as an opera singer (and has since transitioned to musical theatre) and her extensive training has afforded her a facility with many accents and foreign languages. Quinn has a profound love for storytelling and firmly believes that books can change lives. She is an out and proud queer woman and is committed to amplifying queer voices whenever she can. When Quinn isn’t in the booth, you can find her tie-dying t-shirts in her kitchen sink while listening to true crime podcasts and catching up on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  **Genres: **Romance, Dark Romance, Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, Sci-fi, LGBTQ+ Romance, Suspense, Horror