Pretty Reckless | Podium Audio

Pretty Reckless

By: Ria Wilde

Performed by: Alastair Haynesbridge, Lucy Rivers

Released: December 12, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 56 min

Something was stolen from me.
So, I stole something back. And I have been running ever since.
When you have nothing to live for, you search for those hidden moments that truly make you feel alive.
What I hadn’t expected to find was a piece of my past buried in the underground pits of Redhill.
I went searching for the beast. I found something much better.
I didn’t foresee Hawke. And I definitely wasn’t ready for Enzo. But both of them were damn sure they wanted to keep me here…
Until secrets start to unravel and truths begin to spill. How could there ever be a future for the three of us when everything so far has been built on lies?
If there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that being pretty reckless hurts, but being silent kills…
Pretty Reckless is a standalone dark mafia MMF romance. Intended for mature listeners.



Ria Wilde

Ria Wilde is an author of dirty, dark and dangerous romance. A lover of filthy talking anti-heroes and sassy AF queens! She's always had a love of reading and decided to pursue her passion of words in late 2021 and hasn't looked back since! Little Bird and Twisted King, Ria's debut dark romance was the start of something amazing and she now has plans for several new series and spin-offs with some of your favorite characters as the main stars! She currently resides in the UK with her husband, daughter and 2 dogs. You can often find her daydreaming or procrastinating with her head buried in a book!



Alastair Haynesbridge

Originally from Seattle, Alastair Haynesbridge studied theatre and performing arts in London before finally settling in Atlanta, GA. He is an award-winning romance narrator and voiceover artist and has narrated dozens of your favorite, steamy titles. His voice can also be heard in lots of unexpected places, like that corporate training video, on hold, or even at the airport, helpfully giving you directions!



Lucy Rivers

**Lucy Rivers** is a seasoned narrator of romance and erotica, nominated for Audie awards, and has narrated over 200 books in the romance genre. She has a great facility with dialects and narrates all genres of romance - from sweet to dark and paranormal to regency. She loves love, riding her Harley Davidson on desert highways and causing trouble at every local joint she comes across.