Prince and Bodyguard | Podium Audio

Perilous Courts

Prince and Bodyguard

Book 4

By: Tavia Lark

Released: April 09, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Cuddling with your bodyguard is normal—right?
Vana Dire can’t show weakness if he wants to survive the Draskoran court. The only man he can be vulnerable with is Daromir—Vana’s magic-bound bodyguard. The binding lets them share each other’s pain, and Vana depends on Daromir’s comfort as much as his services as a guard. Vana could never risk their friendship—even if he craves far more than Daromir’s loyalty.
Daromir Azri sees a side of Vana nobody else sees. Behind closed doors, the cold, elegant prince is kindhearted and vulnerable. He needs Daromir. If Daromir’s devotion sometimes feels like something else? Daromir must be mistaken. His duty comes first, and he’ll do anything to protect Vana—including one thing he’s never done before: He’s keeping a secret.
Then, their magic bond changes. Suddenly, Vana and Daromir don’t just share pain anymore. Each shared sensation pushes their friendship to the breaking point, just when Vana and Daromir need each other most. They’re facing a mysterious ambassador, a chaos-stirring prince, the consequences of past schemes—And an assassin seeking Vana’s life.
_Prince and Bodyguard is a gay fantasy romance with pining, hurt/comfort, and codependent cuddling. The Perilous Courts series is best listened to in order, and Prince and Bodyguard _begins a new three-book arc about the princes of Draskora.



Tavia Lark

Tavia Lark writes m/m fantasy romance and erotica. Her favorite romance tropes include hurt/comfort, sharing a bed, and enemies to lovers. She writes from a sunny little apartment with the constant “help” of her fluffy cat. He just really likes typing, okay.