Prince of Silk and Thorn | Podium Audio

Prince of Silk and Thorn

By: Maham Fatemi

Performed by: Ulf Bjorklund

Released: December 15, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 57 min

As princess of Krashna, Maeva has always gotten her way.
But when she is sent to marry the third prince of Jora, Haruk, she has little choice in the matter. Due to an impending war against another kingdom, it is her duty to marry him and solidify the alliance between Jora and Krashna. However, the third prince proves to be unenthusiastic, lazy, seemingly unemotional, and extremely unmotivated. Still, Maeva hopes that by getting close to him and gaining his love, her country would benefit politically. Yet she can’t shake the feeling of something strange…that there is more behind his expressionless, dark eyes….



Maham Fatemi

Hi everyone! My name is Maham Fatemi and I'm a cat obsessed, romance loving, introverted reader/writer. When I'm not obsessing over my cats (I have four!), you can find me nose deep in a new cookbook or reading comics. I write primarily romance-fantasy stories, and I've been writing for as long as I can remember.



Ulf Bjorklund