Prince Renegade | Podium Audio

Prince Renegade

Book 5

By: Fred Hughes

Performed by: John Pirhalla

Released: October 24, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 33 min

Hazard King finally managed to win peace with the Swarm, and he stabilized the Marxist Federation and helped create a new, more democratic government on Lenin.
The Black Dragon virus, though, continues to kill thousands there, and Imperial Scientists have finally admitted that antidotes are beyond their ability. Worse, it is only a matter of time before the virus makes it off planet, an event that is sure to kill billions and bring down the empire.
But there is hope. If they can find the original virus, the creation of a vaccine may be possible. Unfortunately, there’s only one source: Earth, the birthplace of humanity. There is a problem, though. Fearing for the safety of their new worlds after the Exodus, early emperors banned all travel there.
When continued attempts by blockade runners to break the quarantine force Hazard’s hand, to protect the Empire, he’ll have to defy the edict and travel to Earth. To save the Empire, Hazard will need to become… a prince renegade.



Fred Hughes



John Pirhalla

John has narrated over 280 audiobooks. Although he is a true genre-hopper, John specializes in Fantasy, Science Fiction and Thriller/Suspense. John's versatile array of character voices and skill with accents is on display with all of his work and helps make new worlds come alive to the listener. He is deft at delivering humorous and sarcastic dialogue, and equally adept at narrating scenes of romance. John has narrated over 80 fantasy titles, including most of DK(Dan) Holmberg's fantasy library. John won the 2022 Gold Medal for Best Fiction Audiobook at the Reader's Favorite Awards for His Ragged Company, an apocalyptic fantasy. He is a finalist for this year's Indie Ink Awards to be announced in 2023. He was also a finalist in the fantasy category for the 2021 Independent Audiobook Awards.