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Lumera Expedition


Book 5

By: Jona Sheffield

Performed by: Duke Fontaine

Released: August 29, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 48 min

On Earth, desperate survivors flock to the portal, hoping for a better life on Lumera.
As passage is denied, the situation threatens to escalate. A team of humans and Kidj’Dan sets out to recover more portals to restore peace, but they find a deadly threat that can be turned into a fearsome weapon.
The powder keg threatens to explode. How far does the trust in the counterpart reach? Who will press the red button first?
Humans and Kidj’Dan are on edge. How do you engage a friend who has become the enemy?
A nerve-wracking poker game begins. The opponent: an alien species. The stakes: the lives of all humans.
In this next book in the Lumera Expedition series, Jona Sheffield continues humanity’s fight for survival in her own distinctive way: visionary, profound and, above all, extremely exciting.



Jona Sheffield



Duke Fontaine