Ranger's Risk | Podium Audio

Pyromancer’s Path

Ranger’s Risk

Book 4

By: Cassie Cole

Released: September 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 39 min

Alyssa’s Quintelaide is getting another chance to test the Tinker superweapon. This time it’s against a real Silithik hive.
Desperate to avoid the Archon’s demands—and his inevitable wrath at Alyssa for not sharing her new runetracing ability—Field Marshall Tyronix sends the Ninety-First on a dangerous mission: traveling behind enemy lines to the Daggerscar Canyon, where they must destroy a hive dedicated to producing the Silithik wasps which have been plaguing the western front for the entire war.
It’s a mission that will bring Alyssa and Harry, the Quint’s Ranger, closer together—something he is now eager to do after seeing his three Quintmates have their way with the beautiful Pyromancer. There’s not much chance for romance while stalking through Silithik-occupied territory, but soon Alyssa is fantasizing about joining the handsome Ranger’s bedroll at night…
Can Alyssa and her Quintmates complete the mission and escape the canyon alive? Even if they do, will it be enough to convince the Archon of their loyalty?
Ranger’s Risk is the fourth book in the paranormal reverse harem romance series, Pyromancer’s Path. It features exciting sword-and-bow action, a unique magic system, and all the slow-burn romance you’ve come to expect from a reverse harem. HEA guaranteed!



Cassie Cole