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Rebels of Sandland

Reckless Lies

Book 4

By: Nikki J Summers

Performed by: Shane East, Zara Hampton-Brown

Released: November 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 27 min

They say when you die, your whole life plays over in your mind like a Hallmark movie.
A rose-tinted reflection to remind you what a great life you’ve led. For me, that wasn’t the case.
There was no romantic, nostalgic ending for me. All I had was pain, darkness, and despair on the day I died, dragged by fire into the depths of hell. That’s where I live now. A shadow of the man I used to be. A ghost living in my former life.
Life goes on, but not for me.
She burst into my world with her smile and her sledgehammer, ready to smash down my walls. She thinks she can save me, but she won’t. I don’t want to be saved. But I’ll play along. After all, that’s all I have left now, a life of pretend and a world of lies, where I play the role they want me to play.
Zak Atwood. Son. Brother. Friend. But boyfriend? That’s never going to happen.
How can I live that life when all I feel is dead inside?
Reckless Lies is book four in the Rebels of Sandland series. Intended for mature listeners.



Nikki J Summers

Nikki J. Summers is a romance addict who loves to write about strong, feisty heroines and dark, brooding alphas. When she isn’t locked away in her writing cave, she’s teaching primary school children, or lost in her kindle. She currently lives in Staffordshire in the U.K with her husband and two children.



Shane East



Zara Hampton-Brown

Zara Hampton-Brown is a London based audiobook narrator who lives and breathes all things romance, and is a hopeless romantic herself (she is married to her childhood sweetheart after all). She is consistently in the Bestseller lists on Audible, and enjoys nothing more than breathing life into a love story.