Rise of the Strongest Sovereign 2 | Podium Audio

By: Kaz Hunter

Performed by: Todd Haberkorn

Released: May 14, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Following the end of the world, a hero discovers new opportunities—and dangers—await him, in this action-packed LitRPG adventure for fans of Squid Game.
Ever since the apocalypse interrupted his vacation in New York City, life hasn’t been the same for Jason Lee. One moment he was a tourist in Times Square, and the next he was living in a real-life, live-streamed role-playing game, fighting for survival—and the fate of humanity.
Now, gifted with godlike power and abilities, Jason races through rifts, battling monsters and finding treasure, all with a live—and very vocal—audience watching his every move. It’s a lot to process. But he’s not the only one struggling to adjust to this strange new world . . .
When he returns to New York, Jason finds a city working to rebuild itself. He also meets Mr. Wang, an enigmatic entrepreneur who proposes a business partnership putting Jason’s skills as a hero to work clearing out dungeons that have appeared in some rather inconvenient places.
If it’s Jason’s destiny to combat evil, he might as well get handsomely paid, right?



Kaz Hunter

I'm Kaz Hunter. My story starts on a 4-day pass down in Seoul and goes on from there. I went to Texas A&M. Go Aggies! I've been writing now for about 5 years and started out on Wuxia World and Webnovel. I've moved on.



Todd Haberkorn