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Rising World

Rising World

Book 1

By: Kris Schnee

Performed by: Henry Kramer

Released: March 29, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 8 min

Tom wished for a meaningful job with the chance to make things. Someone listened.
Judged by a masked demigod, Tom gets sent to another world with magic, game-like rules, and massive opportunity for a clever inventor. He’s been handed a new identity and adopted by a loving family. As a young man with otherworldly knowledge, he tries to recreate technology from humble beginnings.
There are spells to learn, too, and he wants to treat his sister and parents right. His river homeland seems idyllic, but there are problems brewing with abused peasants, the necromancy business, and the management of living dungeons.
To go from ambitious engineer to true hero, Tom needs to craft weapons, explore, and start a revolution. The industrial kind…probably.
Rising World is part of the LitRPG genre, combining fantasy with game elements.



Kris Schnee

Kris Schnee is an author with training in computers, law, history and science, who explored the steam tunnels beneath MIT and got academic credit for talking to parrots. He lives in Florida as a software developer and amateur game designer.



Henry Kramer