Rogue, Renegade and Rebel | Podium Audio

In Her Paranormal Majesty’s Secret Service

Rogue, Renegade and Rebel

Book 1

By: Michael Anderle

Performed by: Justine Eyre

Realeased: July 14, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 19 hr, 26 min

She is crass, has attitude, drinks too much, and is the only living agent working for Queen Victoria, the paranormal queen.

In 1901, Queen Victoria passed away and took over the responsibilities of the paranormal court.

When Victoria ascends to the paranormal throne, she acquires the help of a human agent, code-named Rogue.

For well over a hundred years, this human has helped settle problems between the normal and the paranormal worlds. Usually with massive displays of attitude and disrespect. And a really, really bodacious set of…guns.

Now, Rogue has been sent to the Colonies to help stop a paranormal revolution.

Is Rogue over her head, or is someone trying to pull a fast one on her?

Either way, America better be ready, because this paranormal agent parties like it’s still 1899!