Ruin | Podium Audio

By: Charlene Hartnady

Released: March 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 5 min

What happens when destiny gets it wrong?
I’m a fae beast king. It’s preordained that I have to take a mate, and it can’t be just anyone. The universe will decide on my behalf. All I know is that my fated mate will be an enchantress of great power and that when the universe chooses her for me…I must obey. To fight the calling will mean my demise. I have come to trust the process. The Great Unknown would never steer me wrong.
Then I find her: Gabriella is everything I thought she would be and more. Beautiful beyond compare, terrifying, all-powerful… Unfortunately, she’s also tainted by great evil. Her father put his dark magic into her, turning her into something twisted and wicked.
I embark on a mission with her twin sister, Fallon. Together, we’re going to save Gabriella. We’ll find a way to bring her back. We have to!
Then I do something really stupid…I fall for the wrong sister. It happens without me even realizing it. The problem is that Fallon and I can never be together. Gabriella is my destiny. Apparently, the universe is an asshole!
_Ruin _is the second book in a series about monsters of all kinds. If you enjoy fated mates, forbidden romance, sassy heroines, and swoon-worthy beast kings who are almost untamable, then this is the series for you.



Charlene Hartnady