Runelight | Podium Audio

The Aenigma Lights


Book 1

By: JA Andrews

Performed by: Kate Reading

Released: October 31, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 23 hr, 13 min

Kate thought finding the puzzle box would give her all the answers—but it only holds far more desperate questions.
Kate is a Keeper—a storyteller, magic-wielder, and researcher—but a single mystery has evaded her all her life: What happened on the tragic day when two strangers stole not only the puzzle box that hummed with magic but so much more?
She and her brother Bo have searched for twenty years with no luck. Until Venn, a surly elf, shows up on the hidden doorstep of the Keepers’ Stronghold with that same aenigma box—and a message that Bo has disappeared.
Kate needs a guide back to Venn’s homeland to search for him, and Venn needs to find him for reasons of her own. Reasons she refuses to explain. Despite their mutual distrust, Kate and Venn form a grudging alliance.
Somewhere in the midst of infiltrating dwarven tunnels, discovering the secrets of the aenigma box, and stumbling onto shocking ancient relics, the alliance shifts to friendship.
As the search for Bo grows increasingly dangerous, they uncover a complex plot woven through centuries, devastating not just individuals but entire empires. Even working together, the inexplicable forces standing against them may be too much.
Half treasure hunt and half rescue mission, this epic fantasy adventure is a tale of puzzles, mysteries, and the kinds of friendships—both old and new—that shape the soul.



JA Andrews



Kate Reading