Saved by Two | Podium Audio

Saved by Two

By: L.S. Pullen

Released: February 06, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 57 min

Jessica is on the run from an abusive ex.
With her brother missing and no one else to turn to, she seeks refuge with Caleb and Noah, two men who her brother trusts implicitly.
At first, Jessica is hesitant to trust anyone, but as she opens up to Caleb and Noah, she finds herself falling for both of them.
As she works to heal from her traumatic past and overcome her fears, she realizes she wants nothing more than to be with them both.
With her dangerous ex still on the loose, Jessica’s new-found happiness could be ripped away at any moment.
Will Caleb and Noah’s love be enough to protect her from the dangers that lurk in the shadows?
Or will they be torn apart by the forces that seek to destroy them?
Intended for mature listeners.



L.S. Pullen