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Arranged Games

Scandalous Games

Book 1

By: Simran

Released: March 05, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 18 hr, 9 min

"He calls me his ruination, but he forgot to tell me he was mine first."
A fairytale wedding is every girl’s dream. Isn’t it? Well, not mine.
Seven years ago, I locked my dead heart in a cage after it was shattered into pieces. It wasn’t a problem until now.
Being the eldest daughter, tradition dictates I must marry first, but at twenty-five, a happily ever after is the last thing I’m chasing.
So when my little sister drops the bomb she wants to marry, suddenly, I have to choose between her future and my freedom.
Until fate collides me with Dash Stern. The man I lost my virginity to when I was eighteen and heartbroken. My ex’s older stepbrother. Oh, and my soon-to-be fake husband.
A marriage is a nightmare for a man like me.
Make it a fake one…. That’s just inviting disaster with open arms. Even if it’s to an irresistible woman I secretly desired.
Bianca Chopra. Gorgeous. Forbidden. My past obsession.
When she propositions me for a sham marriage, I say no with a warning to stay away.
Like a dirty vixen, she raises the stake, reawakening the forbidden feelings, and I find myself throwing caution to the wind.
She thinks she’ll walk away unscathed but doesn’t realize she made a deal with a monster with a secret that will wreck her entire world.
Scandalous Games is a steamy, fake relationship contemporary romance. It features a morally gray antihero and a sweet yet feisty heroine who happens to be his past obsession. This is book one in the Arranged Games series. Intended for mature listeners.