Sea of Storms | Podium Audio

Ruined Lands

Sea of Storms

Book 2

By: Lindsey Pogue

Performed by: Neill Thorne, Rebecca Woods

Released: March 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 57 min

Mortal enemies or fated mates?
The Reaper’s name is whispered throughout Norseland–the infamous sea captain who visits the frozen kingdom with each rising tide to collect a shipful of unfortunates. No one knows where he’s from or where he takes them, only that he leaves wreck and ruin in his wake.
After a terrible tragedy, Brynn wakes on the Reaper’s ship. Bloody, broken, and with nothing left to lose, she vows she’ll avenge her family before they reach the Reaper’s homeland.
But the gods of old play wicked games, and when the Reaper and Brynn are stranded together, destiny weaves an epic, unforgettable love story of pain, passion, and jaw-dropping discoveries.
Prepare to feel the salt on your skin and the wind in your hair in this heart-pounding, breathtaking Norse-inspired adventure and fantastical romance. If you like forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers with badass heroines, cocky viking pirates, and plot twists that will leave you gasping, this is the love story for you.
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Lindsey Pogue

Lindsey Pogue is a genre-bending fiction author, best known for her soul-stirring, post-apocalyptic survival series, Savage North Chronicles and Forgotten Lands. As an avid romance reader with a master’s in history and culture, Lindsey’s adventures cross genres and push boundaries, weaving together facts, fantasy, and timeless love stories of epic proportions.



Neill Thorne

Audie nominated narrator Neill Thorne brings a storyteller's heart and a conversational style to his narration, whether it is conveying emotional intensity in a modern romance, delivering the exciting action of a technothriller, or exhibiting the snarky sarcasm of a wise-cracking detective story. A native Southerner who has studied 5 languages, Neill has a knack for accents, giving authenticity and depth to his reading.



Rebecca Woods

_Fascinated by psychology from a young age, Rebecca took her passion for exploring the human mind and turned toward the world of acting. Years of vocal coaching, varying degrees in everything from screenwriting to design to theatre arts, have instilled the tools to craft fully dimensional stories, as well as insight into the human condition that informs each choice she makes. Growing up a musician, she has an ear for dialects and a passion for bringing characters to life with emotional complexity. This has been demonstrated across her varied career on stage, on film, and in over 100 audiobooks in the last few years alone. _