Serpent's Claim | Podium Audio

Serpent’s Touch

Serpent’s Claim

Book 2

By: Marina Simcoe

Performed by: Stefanie Kay, Tyler Donne

Released: December 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 11 min

Life in Nerifir is beautiful, magical, and dangerous. I came to the Kingdom of Lorsan hoping to find a new home but found envy and betrayal.
When everything is taken from me—my sight, my freedom, and my love—I need to search deep for the strength to go on.
Now, I no longer wish for just a safe place to live. I want a true home, a place where I belong. And I’m ready to fight for it, even if that means taking over the kingdom.
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Marina Simcoe

Marina Simcoe likes to write romance with human heroines and out-of-this-world heroes who just can’t live without them. She firmly believes that our contemporary world could always use a little bit of the extraordinary. She has lots of fun exploring how her out-of-this-world characters with their own beliefs, values, and aspirations fit into our every-day life.



Stefanie Kay

Stefanie, a 2022 Audie Finalist in the Romance category, has always been a performer from a very young age. She started off in school plays and community theatre, growing into college theatre courses, vocal courses/lessons, plays/musicals, and was even part of an improv group. Her performance journey led her to audiobooks in 2018 and she was hooked! After deciding to take the leap into narration, she began working with many incredible coaches and taking any class that could give her valuable knowledge in this field. It is such an honor every time an author entrusts her with their stories and she makes sure that each one is told with truth, emotion, and warmth. She loves stories that make you laugh, make you cry, make you FEEL something. She would be thrilled to bring your next story to life!



Tyler Donne

**Tyler Donne, a native of New England, is an Audie Award winning and nominated audiobook narrator and classically trained actor. He’s narrated hundreds of audiobooks, including over 50 dual-cast titles with Summer Roberts. He enjoys hiking, craft beer and Ford F-150s.**