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Serpent’s Touch

Serpent’s Claim

Book 2

By: Marina Simcoe

Released: December 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 11 min

Life in Nerifir is beautiful, magical, and dangerous. I came to the Kingdom of Lorsan hoping to find a new home but found envy and betrayal.
When everything is taken from me—my sight, my freedom, and my love—I need to search deep for the strength to go on.
Now, I no longer wish for just a safe place to live. I want a true home, a place where I belong. And I’m ready to fight for it, even if that means taking over the kingdom.
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Marina Simcoe

Marina Simcoe likes to write romance with human heroines and out-of-this-world heroes who just can’t live without them. She firmly believes that our contemporary world could always use a little bit of the extraordinary. She has lots of fun exploring how her out-of-this-world characters with their own beliefs, values, and aspirations fit into our every-day life.