Shadowblade | Podium Audio

Performed by: Fiona Hardingham

Released: March 26, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 20 hr, 14 min

A heroic young thief and her family fight against the darkness that threatens the entire land in the riveting final volume of this fantasy adventure saga.
An increasingly talented and skilled shadowthief, Gatina of House Furtius—known in more rebellious circles as the Kitten of Night—continues her covert work in the ongoing struggle against the vile usurper Count Vichetral. Vichetral’s dominion over the duchy of Alshar has grown ever darker, with slavery now legal and vicious gangs brutally enforcing his will.
Their enemies infiltrating even the Shadow Council in the hunt for Gatina and her family, Gatina’s father decides to meet with the mighty Sea Lords and discover if any are willing to join the effort to take down Vichetral. The voyage also offers Gatina a chance to learn about her distant relatives, who wield their power amidst the waves, and to enhance her facility with her very own, newly forged shadowblade.
But danger can follow across water as well as land. And Gatina soon finds herself in a desperate battle from which the winner will sail away as the vanquished sinks into the briny deep . . . forever.
The Spellmonger: Legacy and Secrets trilogy introduces a younger Gatina, the Kitten of Night, as she comes into her own as a shadowmage.



Fiona Hardingham