Shadow's Savior | Podium Audio

Pyromancer’s Path

Shadow’s Savior

Book 5

By: Cassie Cole

Performed by: Lucas Webley, Pippa Jayne

Released: November 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 21 min

Alyssa’s Quintelaide stands disgraced.
After a violent confrontation forces them to flee the capitol, Alyssa and her Quintmates struggle to cope with the fallout. Warrior Jaxon focuses on their path forward, while Frost Mage Arthur contemplates their place in history. Alyssa doesn’t know how to feel about her decision to disobey the Archon and whether to blame herself for the events that followed. Despite his outward cavalier attitude, Ryon struggles most of all. The Shadow can’t close his eyes at night without seeing the faces of those he’s killed.
Alyssa’s Quint has a final mission to distract them from their grief and guilt. If they can get their hands on a single Tinker superweapon, they can carry one north beyond the Borderlands to the Silithik Hivemind itself. With a single bomb, they can end the war—and the entire Silithik menace.
As they avoid Archenon patrols on their way to their destiny, Alyssa and her men are going to have to come to terms with what they’ve done—and what they intend to do if they reach the Hivemind alive. All six of them share one common realization: win or lose, this mission may be the very last thing they do.
Shadow’s Savior is the epic conclusion to the paranormal reverse harem romance series Pyromancer’s Path. It features exciting sword-and-bow action, a unique magic system, and all the slow-burn romance you’ve come to expect from a reverse harem. A thrilling HEA is guaranteed!



Cassie Cole



Lucas Webley

British born and raised in Central England. Voice artist for over ten years featured in national and international commercials, short films, popular videogames, animation, audiobooks, e-learning, self parking cars, slot machines and basically everything else besides. Be it commercial voiceovers, event announcements, animated characters, videogame characters or narration, enjoy a very swift turnaround with immaculate production. British by birth with a range of regional dialects and a smooth, mature, full voice perfect for enhancing your project and lending authority and gravitas to your narrative. Impeccable American and English accents, and a ferocious gutteral growl. Unparalleled range, from grizzled warriors and noble kings, to seductive playboys, feeble cowards, earnest heroes and terrifying monsters –One man: An army of voices."



Pippa Jayne

Pippa Jayne is a conservatory trained actress with a sexy smile, bedroom eyes and a late-night voice. She’s been an Audible best-selling narrator in Erotica since 2014 and is super grateful for her Sultry Listener’s Award 2019 in Erotica.  A 4-year conservatory actor training established a solid foundation in accents, tone and pronunciation - all of which she applies to flesh out steamy New Adult, hilarious Rom Coms, elegant BDSM/ Erotica and intricate contemporary romantic Thrillers. Pippa enjoys the love genre in all its many fantasies and facets. She is known for her sexy Russian Doms, delicious Scottish rogues and bi***in' ... ahem ... "charming" ingenues.