Single Orc Dad | Podium Audio

Sweet Monster Treats

Single Orc Dad

By: Ava Ross

Released: April 09, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 04 hr, 32 min

Will my roller coaster romance with my hunky orc neighbor fly off the rails or ignite our hearts forever?
After inheriting my estranged dad’s defunct kiddie amusement park, I turn in my corporate badge and return to my old hometown. Despite the issues I had with my dad, I rediscover the fun I missed out on while I lived ten years in the city. I’m determined to turn Quirky Kingdom into the showpiece it used to be. Problem is—more than just the rides need fixing. It’s way more than I can handle on my own.
I tap my new neighbor to help—Rexin, a hunky orc handyman who’s also a single dad extraordinaire. Since it’s summer, he brings his twelve-year-old son to the job with him.
As we grease wheels on the purple turtle ride and get the elephant carriages running again, sparks ignite between us. I begin to believe moving home was the right idea. But my past makes me gun-shy, and I’m not sure if what we’ve started will make me want to live in this town forever. His son playing matchmaker is cute, but it sure isn’t helping.
Only time can tell if our rollercoaster relationship will clickety-click its way to something special or veer off track forever.
Single Orc Dad is part of the Sweet Monster Treats collection of standalones, each with its own Happily Ever After. Single Orc Dad is also a companion story in Ava’s Love at First Orc Series.
Expect size difference, plenty of spice, falling for a neighbor, a single dad (ha, right?!), his sweet matchmaking son who desperately wants a mom, laugh-out-loud moments, moving home and finding the “one,” a handyorc who’s handy in many ways (wink), and a happy ever after.



Ava Ross