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By: Peter McGraw

Released: March 19, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Join the movement that celebrates single living with Peter McGraw’s groundbreaking book, Solo.
Amid the complexities of modern relationships, loneliness epidemics, and online dating burnout, there’s a refreshing alternative: going Solo. “Solos,” as coined by behavioral economist Peter McGraw, are people who choose to lead their lives authentically, purposefully, and passionately outside the confines of traditional relationship labels. 
In a world built for two, Solos break the rules and hold space for every type of individual—single and not. Meet the thriving “Just Mays,” who welcome romance if it comes their way, the determined “No Ways,” who prefer life unpartnered, and the bold “New Ways,” who redefine and redesign what relationships even mean.
Which one are you?
In contrast with the “Someday” singles who hang personal fulfillment on the success of a “serious” long-term relationship, McGraw reveals the secrets of happiness that Solos have already unlocked, offering readers a roadmap to reinventing sex, dating, romance, and beyond. 
Backed by scientific insights and McGraw’s experience as a lifelong bachelor, _Solo _offers a blueprint for cultivating fulfilling relationships and creating a rich remarkable life. Solo is your invitation to pursue a life uniquely your own. 



Peter McGraw

Dr. Peter McGraw is a bachelor, behavioral economist, and business school professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder. He hosts the podcast Solo-The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life, he writes for Single Insights – The Science of Solos, and hosts The Solo Salon. His latest book, Solo: Building a Remarkable Life of Your Own, launches in 2024.