Song of Sorrows and Fate | Podium Audio

The Broken Kingdoms

Song of Sorrows and Fate

Book 9

By: LJ Andrews

Released: April 09, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 14 hr, 6 min

"Sing with me, Little Rose."
A storyteller with the power to twist the tales of Fate never lives long. From the beginning, Calista has always told her royals this truth, but she’s determined to break the chain of violence by avoiding the attention of the tricky Norns.
When the moon returns to blood and her royals from the neighboring kingdoms fall under attack from their shared enemy, she no longer has a choice and must join the fight to protect those she loves.
By digging into the truth of her mysterious past, Calista comes face to face with the whispers in the dark and the voice, the bond, with a man some know as the Mad King.
Soon, it’s clear the king no one has truly seen might have more answers to Calista’s past and true purpose than anyone. He might be the only way she survives this fight. Or he could be the one who delivers her destruction.
Welcome to the final stand in the bestselling Broken Kingdoms Saga. A twist of Phantom of the Opera and Vikings in one epic finale, possessive romance, and a destiny no one could ever escape.



LJ Andrews

LJ Andrews is a USA Today Bestselling author of fantasy romance. She could live in dark worlds with brutal romantic heroes all day. When she isn't writing she's keeping her four kids alive, spending time with her hot husband, or enjoying the mountains of Utah.