Storm Clouds and Devastation | Podium Audio

Hidden Affairs

Storm Clouds and Devastation

Book 2

By: Ashley James

Released: August 01, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 59 min

Jules van der Meer… He’s somebody I shouldn’t want, someone I can’t have.
The forbidden fruit. The desire not to be indulged in. He’s wealthy, successful, important… everything I’m not.
I’m half his age. Immature and desperate.
It’s what they all say—the men in the night with the fancy clothes and the shiny cars, with enough money to make me do whatever they please.
But him… well, he looks at me like I’m the answer to his prayers, a diamond in the rough. He doesn’t realize how wrong he is, though.
I’m poison—putrid and vile. I’ll seep into his pores, wrap around his bones, and destroy whatever light he has left until he’s just like me…
Nothing but storm clouds and devastation.
_Storm Clouds and Devastation _is book two in the Hidden Affairs standalone MM series. This book features a significant age gap and touches on heavy issues such as mental illness.



Ashley James

Ashley James is an LGBTQ+ author who enjoys writing (and reading) the toxic, swoony, broody, filthy talking, red flag men. She is originally from Washington State—and no, not Seattle—but now resides in South Carolina with her two daughters and her three Sphynx kitties—Goose, Maverick, and Houston.