Swift Judgment | Podium Audio

By: Michael Stagg

Performed by: George Newbern

Released: February 27, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 7 min

Attorney Nate Shepherd returns to represent a city councilman accused of murder. His client is unlikeable, abrasive, and rude. But is he a killer?
Nate Shepherd must try a murder case. Fast.
When a powerful politician is arrested for killing a local business owner, he hires Nate on one condition—Nate must try the case within ninety days. He has a rock-solid alibi and wants to prove his innocence before his opponents can destroy his career.
Working with his fiery associate and his two oldest friends, Nate scrambles to pull the case together. But once the trial date is set, Nate’s strategy falls apart as new witnesses and damning facts emerge, evidence that Nate’s client curiously forgets to mention every single time.
Battered by a collapsing case and an ungrateful client, Nate barrels ahead. But on the eve of trial, an unexpected shock in Nate’s family threatens to derail it all. Fighting through doubt of his client—and worse, of himself—Nate enters a trial he must not lose.
Swift Judgment is the seventh book in the gripping Nate Shepherd Legal Thriller series. If you like razor-sharp dialogue, captivating characters, and riveting trials, you’ll love this fierce courtroom drama by Michael Stagg.



Michael Stagg

Michael Stagg is a practicing lawyer who writes legal thrillers under a pen name. He's tried cases to juries, and he's won and he's lost and he's argued about it in the court of appeals after. Michael and his family live in the Midwest. He enjoys sports of all sorts, reading, and grilling with the order depending on the day. For more information about Michael and his books, sign up for his newsletter at michaelstagg.com/newsletter/ or go to michaelstagg.com.



George Newbern