Taloned Heart | Podium Audio

The Dragon of Umbra

Taloned Heart

Book 5

By: Emma Hamm

Released: February 13, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 17 min

Can a dragon and an elf really save an entire kingdom?
Lore has spent years dedicated to one purpose. Save the kingdom, give her people the freedom they deserve, and show the humans that they were in the wrong. But when she finally returns with her dragon at her side, she realizes that some things are not so black and white.
The kingdom they return to is not the one they have seen before. The elves have taken over, the throne is now theirs, and the humans they left behind are nowhere to be found. Umbra is a husk of what it once was, with the same mistakes repeated by the hands of a different species.
Abraxas keeps his eyes on his elf and nothing else. She’s turned into something new, and Umbra changes her even more. A goddess reborn, with many names and many titles, and he fears she could fall to the power that is so tempting. But he will be there. By her side. No matter what happens.
Because this dragon and elf were the stuff of legends. And legends never die.



Emma Hamm

USAToday Bestselling Author Emma Hamm grew up in a small town surrounded by trees and animals. She writes strong, confident, powerful women who aren't afraid to grow and make mistakes. Her books will always be a little bit feminist, and are geared towards empowering both men and women to be comfortable in their own skin.