Temper the Flame | Podium Audio

Beautiful Nightmares

Temper the Flame

Book 4

Released: June 11, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 7 min

Don’t tempt a dragon unless you’re willing to pay the price.
Powerful, merciless creatures, they revel in their dominance over us mortals. I’ve heard whispers that Fuoco, leader of the Fire Syndicate’s dragon clan, is the most brutal of them all. Arrogant and ruthless, he has no qualms about reducing lawbreakers to ashes.
I never wanted to break the law, but when my father grew ill, I risked everything by sneaking into Lord Fuoco’s enchanted apple orchard. The last thing I expected was to come face to face with the dragon lord himself. I braced myself to be incinerated. But Fuoco’s glittering gaze burned with possession.
It turns out dragons dream of their fated mates—and Fuoco thinks I’m his. And once a dragon decides to claim you, they won’t be dissuaded. Anxious to return to my father, I do what any desperate man would do—I get on my knees and beg for the dragon’s mercy.
But on my knees is exactly where Fuoco wants me. The dragon lord makes me a deal: if I live in his castle and warm his bed, he’ll make sure my father survives. With my father’s life hanging in the balance, I don’t have much choice. Yet, as I get to know Fuoco, I realize there’s more to him than his harsh exterior. Maybe there’s a chance I can thaw his icy heart and save my father in the process. Or maybe I’m playing with fire…