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First Contact

The Art of War

By: Peter Cawdron

Performed by: Seth Podowitz

Released: December 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 14 hr, 22 min

Commander Lisa Chao works in the US Navy’s Strategic Planning Center in Pearl Harbor.
When tensions rise with China over Taiwan, she has to unravel exactly what’s happening in the Pacific and why. What she uncovers leads America to war—but not with China.
Bullets and bombs are no match for an extraterrestrial warship that can fly between stars, but perhaps the answer to the coming war lies not in the present but in the past. Could Sun Tzu’s _The Art of War _provide humanity with a fighting chance against a technologically superior alien enemy?
First Contact is a series of standalone novels that explore humanity’s first interactions with extraterrestrial life.
Includes a special note from the author.



Peter Cawdron

Peter is an Australian science fiction writer, specializing in making hard science fiction easy to understand and thoroughly enjoyable. His FIRST CONTACT series is topical rather than character-based, meaning each book stands alone. These audiobooks can be listened to in any order, but they all focus on the same topic—First Contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms. In this regard, this series is akin to BLACK MIRROR or THE TWILIGHT ZONE



Seth Podowitz